WP-OPT: Demo version (English)

🌟Experience the capabilities of WP-OPT© through our demo version. This introductory version showcases the types of input data utilized, provides insight into the program's functionality, and illustrates the variety of results you can expect, including how they are displayed. The demo is designed to offer a glimpse into WP-OPT©'s potential and is not intended to replace the comprehensive features available in the full version. As such, it is inherently limited in scope.

📥 Installation Instructions

  1. Download the demo and locate the wposetupen.exe file in your download folder.
  2. Launch wposetupen.exe to initiate the setup. Follow the prompts to complete installation. Should a system restart be necessary, please do so before launching the demo version for the first time.
  3. Upon successful installation, locate the “WP-OPT (demo version)” shortcut on your desktop or navigate through "Start / Programs / WP-OPT (demo version)" to launch the demo.

Demo version supports Windows 11 / 10 / 2000 / XP (32 Bit) / Vista (32 Bit) / Windows 7 (32 Bit) for free. This version contains the solar module and the help file.

💡 About WP-OPT©

WP-OPT© is an advanced software solution for designing and simulating heat pump heating systems. It enables users to evaluate various heating system configurations by comparing operational outcomes. WP-OPT© employs an iterative approach for precise simulation, crucial for assessing the system's efficiency and operational costs against traditional heating solutions.

🚀 Capabilities and Features

  • Supports multiple system types including water-water, air-water, and brine-water.
  • Facilitates designs with bivalent and monoenergetic operations.
  • Generates warnings for data that falls outside acceptable ranges.
  • Incorporates a comprehensive database with customizable options.
  • Offers customizable report generation capabilities.

📝 Versions and Ordering

WP-OPT© is available in a full version for professional applications and an express version for educational or private use. For detailed information and to place an order, contact us via:

Please specify your version choice and any additional modules you require.